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Powder Testing Cryogenic Chamber Lab Drying Equipment

Place of Origin China
Brand Name laboratory drying equipment
Model Number laboratory drying equipment
Min.Order Quantity One set Powder Testing Cryogenic Chamber Lab Drying Equipment
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Powder Testing Cryogenic Chamber Lab Drying Equipment

>> Product Introduction

In the process of scientific experiments, some of the material under the atmospheric conditions is extremely

easy oxidation and deliquescence, this makes experimental material of chemical reactions and samples of the

front–end processing is very difficult, affecting test process and testresults. Gloveboxes are used to prevent

contact between potentially hazardous materials with the outside environment or operating personnel. Some ofthese materials or processes may be sensitiveto ambient environment and hence need to beworked with

under isolated conditions. This is achieved by containing such a substance within the glove box equipment.

>> Product Application

  • Anhydrous, anaerobic and clean, ultra-clean work environment.
  • The R&D and production of batteries and battery materials.
  • The R&D and manufacturing of special lamps:HID lamps, metal halide,ceramic metal halide.
  • Welding: resistance welding, TIG welding, laser welding, plasma welding, brazing.
  • The development and production of medical supplies.
  • Development and production of the super capacitor.
  • Fine chemicals, nuclear industry.
  • The new energy and new materials development and production.

>> Working Principle

It is mainly composed of main box, transit room and base. Box and gas purification system, form a sealed

environment, filled with inert gas or nitrogen to the cabinets, and circulation to remove internal active

substances, allowing the system always maintain high cleanliness and high purity inert purification vacuum

glove box parameter gas environment.

Main antechamber

² 1 Big Cylindrical type antechamber, made of stainless steel 304 ;

Dia.360mm, length =600mm, right or left side;

² With sliding tray inside the antechamber;

² Spindle lock door, vertical operation with lifting mechanism;

² Touch screen automatic operation via solenoid.

Mini antechamber

² 1 Mini Cylindrical type chamber , make of stainless steel 304;

Dia. 150mm, length=300mm(100 mm access into the glove box ),

² right or left side;

² Screw-lock door;

² Manual operation via hand valve.

Gas purification system

² Removal of H2O and O2;

² Container material: Stainless steel 304;

² Absorber unit: Copper catalyst: 4.5Kg, Molecular sieve:4.5Kg;

² Attainable purity: H2O less than 1ppm, O2 less than 1ppm;

² Capsulated blower, 90m3/h, with frequency converter;

² Regeneration, PLC automatic control all process including heating, filling mix gas (working gas / 5- 10%H2 mixture).

>> Product Image

>> Product Features

1. Simple structure, easy operation, can through ultraviolet light, light weight.

2. In normal conditions, pattern stable, highly transparent, resistance to chemical corrosion and climate


3. The cabinets installed lighting bulbs and porous socket,can be localized heating by electric furnace.

4. Sealing device designs innovative, seals reliable to prevent radiation and absorption of radioactive

substances (α & β ray).

5. The front side of operation box is organic glass, with board perspective without dead angle.

6. Operating gloves are reliable and durable which sealed with thick latex gloves.

>> Technical Parameters

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>> The Advantages of YLK

1. With 8 years self research & manufacture experience;
2. National innovation fund supported;
3. Lab pretreatment machines stipulated by Chinese standard HJ637-2012, HJ/T300-2007, American EPA 1311.
4. Reasonable price for customer.
5. Warm service.

>> Profile of YLK

YLK is founded in 2006, specialized in researching & manufacturing varies laboratory pretreatment equipment. As one of Chinese National Innovation Fund Support Enterprise, we insist on self- innovation and have

successfully brokenup the foreign companies monopoly in China by inventing varies laboratory equipment,

such as automatic rotation agitator, zero head space extractor and automatic digestion equipment.

During 10 years developing, we have successfully met varies requirements from customers and owned great

reputation from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Guangdong Environmental Monitoring

Center, Centre Testing International, Zijin Mining Group Company Limited, etc.

The members of YLK researching & technical support team are all with bachelor above degree & 5 years

above working experience. And all the products are with independent intellectual property, including 2 patents and 45 utility models.

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