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CE confirmed drying oven lab equipment with high quality

Place of Origin China
Brand Name laboratory drying equipment
Certification CE ISO
Model Number laboratory drying equipment
Min.Order Quantity One set CE confirmed drying oven lab equipment with high quality
Packaging Details 980*800*1800mm
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Supply Ability 144

Product Features

CE confirmed drying oven lab equipment with high quality

Product Description

Use outlined

The scope of application: The equipment is widely used by biochemistry, chemical pharmaceutical, medical and health, agricultural research, environmental protection and other areas of research and application. As a glass of dry samples and thermal hardening thermal denaturizing experiments, to exclude the residual water samples, micro-organisms using the dry-heat sterilization of glassware, the warm-up before hte heating experiment, heating the food and chemical herding or softening of the experiment, exclude moisture, the extension of food in the harsh conditions of the preservation of time and building materials, electronic components, such as drying and heat drying experiment, banging, disinfection, sterilization and the uses of test material.

Working principle

The device is the use of high-temperature dry heat is drying to meet the needs of micro-organisms can produce oxidation protein denaturizing, such as electrolyte concentration in a certain period of time to kill residual microorganisms.


1. Automatic cut-off, time is running, calls the restoration, parameter memory , password-protected parameters, the temperature display correction.

2. High heat sensor and in response to environmental scanning micro-processing chips, constitute a high-precision, high temperature characteristics of intelligent.

3. All-round three-dimensional heat, fan forced circulation, high-precision temperature regulation, to ensure that the work of the indoor temperature has a good homogeneity.

4. Built-in temperature calibration, and can regulate the temperature of the small error

5. Temperature deviation from the set temperature, the alarm automatically.

6. Out of control with auto power-off protection heater.

7. With memory function parameters can be set to avoid cumbersome.

8. Led display setting temperature, measured temperature, regular time clearly, each parameter display can be facultative switch.

9. Set the time from 1 to 9999 minutes to any set working hours. From time to time when the end of the window set to close.

10. Stand-off to prevent, and stand-alone over -temperature protection, and sensor fault alarm, over-temperature alarm limit

11. Duct design and reasonable structure, light air circulation design.

12. Mirror stainless steel liner, tempered glass window.

13.Has a modular design of the ceiling temperature tracking, when allowed to deviate from the measured temperature rang the sound the equipment(optical) alarm and automatically cut off the heating.

Technical parameters

Model Vertical electric oven thermostat blast DGG series
9420A 9426A 9620A 9626A 9920A
9420AD 9426AD 9620AD 9626AD 9920AD
voltage 380V 50Hz
Temperature range DGG-9000 type:RT+10℃~200℃
DGG-9006 type:RT+10℃~300℃
Temperature resolution 0.1℃
Temperature fluctuation ±1℃
input power 3200W/3300W 4100W/4200W 6000W
Working temperature 5℃~40℃
Liner Size(mm) 600×550×1300 800×600×1300 1000*600*1600
Dimensions(mm) 780×760×1800 980×800×1800 1140*800*2150
Loading bays (standard) 3pcs 4pcs
Timing range 1~9999 minutes

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