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small scale spray dryer for lab used with touch screen

Place of Origin China
Brand Name laboratory drying equipment
Certification ISO9001:2008
Model Number laboratory drying equipment
Min.Order Quantity One set small scale spray dryer for lab used with touch screen
Packaging Details 1380mm*770mm*590mm
Delivery Time contact with us
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 51

Product Features

small scale spray dryer for lab used with touch screen

The lab spray dryer is mainly used for powder prodcution in lab.It is widely used in college,research institute and food or medicine field.The dryer suits all kind of solutions like emulsion and suspension.It also suits to thermal sensitive materials such as biologicals,biopesticide and enzymes.Activity of the material won’t get affected when drying.

Inlet air temperature: 30 ℃ ~400℃
Outlet air temperature: 30 ℃


Feeding mode: peristaltic pump adjusting

Feed rate: 50~2200ml/h(adjustable)

Dry air volume:0-330m3/h
Max. air pressure:686Pa

Temperature precision:

Average drying time: 0.8~1S


Air compressor: inbuilt


1. High-tech nozzle,high efficiency.

2. LCD touch-screen display:inlet air temperature/outlet air temperature/pump speed/air volume

/needle frequency.

3. Nozzle cleaner(needle)is set in the machine,and nozzle can be cleaned automaticaly by the needle when blocked.Needle frequency can be adjusted.

4. Shutdown protection function:the system will stop when pressing the stop botton,all parts except the fan will stop working.Heating system won’t be damaged in this way.

5. Material won’t get polluted due to the special material of the atomizing

drying and collection system.

6. Two-fluid nozzle,stainless steel,compact stucture,no accessory device.

7. PID constant temperature control,precise temperature control,precision is ±1℃.

8. Feed rate can be adjusted by the peristaltic pump,Min. samples can reach 30ml.

9. Uniform product powder,above 95% powder keep within same size range.

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