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Superior quality castor seeds oil squeezing machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Castor Oil machine
Certification ISO9001:2000, CE ISO9001
Model Number Castor Oil machine
Min.Order Quantity One set Superior quality castor seeds oil squeezing machine
Price [email protected]
Packaging Details 1950*1300*1900mm
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Supply Ability 62

Product Features

Qie Factory

Zhengzhou Qi'e Grain & Oil Machinery Co., Ltd is a large-sized joint-equity enterprise which is specialized in producing edible oil mechanical equipment and it is also a group enterprise integrating scientific research, manufacturing, sales as one.

Our company has set up Mechanical Design and Research institution, oil press machine department, large-sized complete oil equipment department, International trade department, production department. Our business involves in small-sized oil pressing series, Grain and oil engineering designing, equipment manufacturing and installing, project contracting, technical service, new product development, the intensive and deep processing for oil by-products etc.

Our Company has grown into Chinese grain and oil machinery production and export base with scientific management methods, we have been striving for perfecting the manufacturing processes, innovative manufacturing ideas, its production and comprehensive economic indicators lies in the forefront of the same line, The products have been sold all over the country and exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, Nepal, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Korea, Vietnamese, Pakistan, Romania, Serbia and so on.

Business Scope

Qi’e Main Business Scope

1T/H-120T/h Fresh palm fruit bunch processing project
10-500T/H oil material first cleaning, drying and storage section turn-key project;
100-3000 T/D oil pretreatment, shelling and pre-press workshop turnkey project (soybean hot peeling, bean skin crushing; the soybean extrusion, high oil contained pre-press cake extrusion, and high oil contained embryos puffed; of direct puffed). Rice bran production line turn-key project;
100~300TPD Solvent extraction workshop turnkey project (Drag chain extractor, Rotocel extractor, Loop type extractor, DTDC separated machine, the full negative pressure evaporation, paraffin wax recovery, solvent extraction workshop degum, phospholipid concentrate);
30-1000T/D oil continuous grade one or two physical (chemical) refining production line;
20-3000T/D sunflower oil, rice bran oil, corn germ oil dewaxing turn-key project;
10-200T/D Fatty acid esterification production cooking oil production line.

Press Machine

Properties Of Qie Press Machine

1. High oil extraction rate: directed pressure bearing, multistep forwarding, pressing throughly one time, oil extraction can be raised high.

2. Large production capacity: feeder system is strengthen, forwarding speed is accelerated, the working efficiency is improved.

3. Filter automatically: use the theory of air suction, and the technology of Superior quality castor seeds oil squeezing machine shunt, a Superior quality castor seeds oil squeezing machine shunt is installed inside, so the residue can be separated effectively out from the oil.

4. Safe and convenient:compact structure, occupy less space;The rolling system is fully closed to be protected, and it is easily operated.

5. Elegant appearance:The surface is pained with the last static spraying material, with good adhesion, resistance to fat, and high temperature. It is elegant, easy to clean, so the sanitation can be ensured.

6. Durable:Good quality wear-resistant steel and antifatigue casting used by scientifically combined, with stable performance, can ensure the long continuous work, and is durable.

Preparation Work

1. Keep the room temperature between 15~20℃, it’ll infSuperior quality castor seeds oil squeezing machinece the oil yield and oil quality if the temperature is too low.

2. Get everything ready before start pressing, so it can contribute to feeding, receive oil, clean impurities, dredge hopper and clean machines.

3. Check the transmission and lubrication system, make sure it can run flexibly and lubricate sufficiently.

4. After starting the machines, let it run empty. If it lets out stridulation, knocking noise and other off-normal occurrence, stop machines immediately and check the press, you can keep testing after clear the troubles, till the press run stably.

5. Before oilseeds go into pressing, the moisture should be suitable.

Product Parameters
Name Boundary dimension
Production Capacity Weight
6YL-130 2200*1600*2150 250-400kg/h 1300kg
6YL-160 2500*1600*2500 400-600kg/h 2000kg
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