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Farm Machinery Oil Pressers sunflower seeds oil extraction machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Sunflower Oil machine
Certification CE
Model Number Sunflower Oil machine
Min.Order Quantity One set Farm Machinery Oil Pressers sunflower seeds oil extraction machine
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Product Features

Farm Machinery Oil Pressers/ sunflower seeds oil extraction machine

1. Introduction of sunflower oil extraction machine

Our oil extraction machine has cold & hot press functions, which provide you more choices!

It can making oil from many kinds of vegetable seeds, for example:

sunflower seeds, sesame, peanut/groundnuts, rapeseeds, soybean, flax seeds,

cotton seeds, grape seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnut, almond, black seed etc.


a. suits wide range of seeds b. high oil yield/output rate

c. continuously working d. easy operation

2. How our sunflower oil extraction machine works:

  • The seeds enters the pressing chamber from the hopper;
  • Then the seeds are driven forward by the screw bolt;
  • As the the space getting smaller and smaller, high pressure and temperature is created;
  • Under the huge pressure and friction force, oil seeds roll and rub together.
  • At last oil is pressed out.

3. The specifications of sunflower oil extraction machine:

6YL type 6YL-A type
Model Capacity/24h Model Capacity/24h
6YL-68 1-1.5T / /
6YL-68C 1-1.5T / /
6YL-80 3-4T 6YL-80A 3-4T
6YL-95 3-5T 6YL-95A 3-5T
6YL-100 3-5T 6YL-100A 3-5T
6YL-120 4-7T 6YL-120A 4-6T
6YL-120C 6-8T 6YL-120CA 6-8T
6YL-130 9-12T 6YL-130A 9-12T
6YL-160 15-20T 6YL-160A 15-20T

We have 2 types, 6YL type and 6YL-A type

Compared with 6YL type, 6YL-A type has control box, temperature control system and 2 oil filters

6YL type is semi-automatic, while 6YL-A type is automatic.

4. Pictures of sunflower oil extraction machine & related equipments:

6YL type sunflower oil extraction machine

6YL-A type automatic sunflower oil extraction machine

(with control box, temperature control & 2 oil filters)

Be noted:

we also have hydraulic oil extraction machine, oil refinery equipment and small oil extraction machine!

Please feel free to contact us! Thanks!

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