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new design and technology machine for refined sunflower oil

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Product Features

Description of machine for refined sunflower oil:

Natural oil is a mixture of mixed triacylglycerol; Because of fatty acid chain length, no saturation, the constitution

and the location of a double bond and the fatty acid distribution in triacylglycerol is different. Which make triacylglycerol

components exist differences in physical and chemical properties. Fractionation is according to the melting point of

difference in physical properties and its solubility, make oil into solid, liquid (under a certain temperature).Despite

two operation of fractioantion and winterizationare similar, but it has different purposes.

Freeze Crystallization

After heat change and heating, Oil is pumped to cystallizer. Starting the stiring and chilling water circle pumop.

Then the crytallization is beginning.when the chilled water is not enough,open the chilled water to add.The design

of crystallization processing is based on ration of oleine, stearin and liquid oil.The whole crystallization process is

controled by computer curve.This ensure the crystal maturing and furture filtering(crude palm oil refinery plant).


When the temperrature is reached to required remperature, the oil is pupmed to filter. When the compressed air is ready,

the filter start the squezzing,discharging cake operation. When in the winter, we can use another filter to filter oil to get

required oil.after filtering, the oil is sent to storage tank. The stearin is melted. Then sent to storage tank.

Flow Chart of machine for refined sunflower oil:

Crude Oil---Hydration Degumming---Alkali Deacidification---Decoloration---Deodorization---Dewaxing---Finished Oil

Process of machine for refined sunflower oil:

1). Degumming and Water Washing, Drying Process

The crude oil is filtered by bag type filter to remove the impurity. The filtered oil , metered by flowmeter,

is pumped to degumming section.After heating to the required temperature, the oil is mixed with phosphoric acid.

Then sent to the condition tank. The reaction time is around 20-90 minutes according to the quality of oil.

This processing section adopts high effective mixer which can divide the phosphoric acid into particle(10um). This

improves the contact area between phosphoric acid and non-hydratable phospholipids which improve the transform

from non-hydratable phospholipids to hydratable phospholipids.
The process of Heat Exchange between Dryed oil and crude oil saves the energy.The drying processing is reaction in

new design and technology machine for refined sunflower oil device which protect the oil from the air(oxidation)
The whole degumming process is controllable in controlling room (such as temperature and flow meter).

2). Bleaching Process of Crude Palm Oil Refinery Plant

The bleaching earth is fed by oil flow meter,time and ration. Which can ignore the missing feeding situation.

The bleaching time is adjustable which is advanced than traditional processing. This can calculate the time of bleaching.
The heated degummed oil is sent to mixer. The mixed bleaching earth is also sent to mixer. the mixed oil is sent to

bleacher from mixer. The bleaching time is about 30-60 minutes. The oil is sent to filter (double filter) to remove

the spent earth. The oil is pumped to drying tank to remove the moisture. The temperature during whole bleaching

processing is adjustable.The filter system can realize automatic oil inlet , oil circle, filtering, spent earth discharge etc.

The bleaching section adopts the device which can catch the odor (using recycle water). This way can ignore the odor


3). Deacidification and Dordorization Process

The oil in this section is sent to new design and technology machine for refined sunflower oil deodorization tower to remove the FFA and odor.( using steam). The FFA is

recovered by FFA catcher.
In order to save energy, Firstly, the oil is sent to do heat exchange with deodorized oil. Then is heat to 235℃-260℃

by high pressure steam.
This section adopts the high pressure steam boiler to provide the heat source.
The new design and technology machine for refined sunflower oil system adopts water circle new design and technology machine for refined sunflower oil pump. It use the circle water to catch odor to ignore the odor pollution.

Factory Scene:

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