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Quality Control

The good operation of the enterprise's automated production equipment is the central link to ensure food quality, production efficiency and corporate interests, and has a direct impact on the production and development of the enterprise. Improving the service life of the equipment and ensuring the normal operation of the equipment is an urgent problem to be solved. Some food companies have oil pretreatment equipment, Oil Extraction Equipment, puffed snack food machinery, corn filling snack machinery, Fish food machine, Animal food machinery, Fried Kurkure machine, Fried cheetos machine, Baked kurkure machine, Baked cheetos machine, Corn flakes Machinery The management of the company has been rationalized to enable the production value of the company to be realized. In the process of using automated production equipment, the equipment has not been effectively managed, and no attention has been paid to equipment maintenance, equipment failure and equipment maintenance. This is a key factor affecting the good operation of the equipment. The food industry will enter the normal production track to ensure the quality of the food.

1 Food Equipment Management
Frying snacks machinery,Nacho Chips machinery,Corn Chips machinery,Tortilla machine,doritos machine,bugles machine,Soyabean protein machine,Extrusion food machine,Macaroni pasta machinery,equipment management,refers to equipment engineering management, is the use of certain regulatory measures, science Ideas and management strategies improve the overall efficiency of the equipment. In the management process, the use of equipment is pursued by the economic benefits of cycle time. With the help of modern scientific methods and management methods, the life cycle of equipment can be planned, maintained and repaired, the service life of equipment can be improved, and the enterprise can be saved. Equipment costs to maximize food production efficiency. The management of food equipment can be considered from three aspects: maintenance technology, cost economy and management methods, to enhance the use value of equipment, to achieve the goal of large-scale food automation production, and to maximize the benefits of enterprises.

2 Problems in food equipment supervision
The problems involved in equipment supervision are various, including the avoidance of equipment failures, insufficient attention to equipment maintenance, and inadequate equipment management. Effectively addressing these issues will ensure that equipment is used in large-scale food automation production.

2.1 Avoidance of equipment failure
Nutritious artifical rice food machine, Bread crumbs machine, Nutrition powder machine, Modified starch machine, modify starch machine, Potato Chip Machine, rice cracker machine, Biscuit Production Line, Textured Soya Protein machine, Instant Noodles Production Line, Fried Wheat Flour Snacks Making Machine , snack Food Packing Machines may be faulty, this is an inevitable problem. However, some faults can be circumvented in advance. However, in actual work, maintenance personnel are still not perfect in circumventing equipment failures. Specifically, the maintenance personnel ignore the equipment of potential failures, do not evaluate the use of the equipment in advance, and wait until the parts and modules of the equipment have problems in use. It is this factor that increases the number of fuses for equipment failures, maintenance personnel will repair the failure of various parts, which increases the difficulty of maintenance work and affects the service efficiency of food equipment for large-scale food automation production in a timely manner. Maintenance personnel should attach great importance to the avoidance of equipment failures, so as to find problems in time, solve problems, make the whole food equipment operate normally, and improve the efficiency and quality of food production.

2.2 Pay enough attention to the maintenance of the equipment
In the process of food automation production, it is necessary to effectively supervise and standardize the equipment, pay attention to production and maintenance, to ensure the service life of the equipment and improve the production efficiency of the equipment. However, many companies do not have enough knowledge of the management of food production equipment, and may have maintained the equipment, but did not play the role of maintenance. This is because the reason for the lack of position in the details of equipment maintenance has largely led to equipment failure.

2.3 Equipment management is not perfect
The food production enterprises are still not perfect in the management of equipment. There is no system for the maintenance skills and maintenance mode of maintenance personnel. There is no clear equipment maintenance management system and the duties of equipment maintenance personnel are not clear. In the event of equipment failure, it is often impossible to start, and there is no basis for it, which brings difficulties to the maintenance of the equipment, which is unfavorable for the production efficiency of food enterprises. Enterprise management personnel should improve the equipment management link and establish an effective maintenance mechanism to ensure that the production interests of food enterprises are not impaired, which is conducive to the effective operation of enterprises.

3 Method of food equipment management
Equipment management pays attention to certain strategies, strategies are in place, and management effectiveness can play a role. Specifically, the device management strategy includes four aspects:
1 Improve the skills training of equipment personnel.
2 Establish a maintenance center for food equipment.
3 Supervise the fault module of food equipment.
4 Develop management measures for food equipment.
Use certain management methods to do these aspects well, in order to realize the benefits that automation equipment brings to the enterprise.

3.1 Strengthen the skills training of equipment personnel
Equipment is the soul of large-scale food production, and is the main force to ensure the automatic production of enterprises. The equipment is well supervised to ensure the good operation of the equipment. It is necessary for enterprise management personnel to train the equipment maintenance personnel in terms of skills, including professional maintenance knowledge, maintenance procedures and maintenance modes, so as to standardize the maintenance work of maintenance personnel and realize the effectiveness of large-scale equipment in food production. For example, business managers bring together staff involved in equipment maintenance, and ask professional maintenance engineers to explain the professional knowledge, maintenance process and maintenance mode of equipment maintenance. They master the skills of equipment maintenance and improve the quality of equipment maintenance to improve the efficiency of food production.

3.2 Establishing a maintenance center for food equipment
The availability of equipment for automated food production should be guaranteed at all times. Based on this problem, a special equipment maintenance center is needed for periodic maintenance of the equipment. The time setting can be one week, half a month or one month. The time interval keeps the maintenance work of the equipment going on. The staff of the maintenance center should understand the performance of each equipment, the problems existing in the operation, and the different maintenance strategies used in different periods, so that the maintenance of the equipment forms a scientific concept and standardization mechanism, eliminates unnecessary use hazards, and improves equipment. Use efficiency in large food production. For example, enterprise management personnel set up a special maintenance center, consisting of two to three maintenance teams, with clear division of labor, responsible for testing equipment failures, special maintenance and equipment tracking records. The maintenance process of the equipment is continuous, keep abreast of the basic conditions of the equipment, maximize the use value of the equipment, and improve the efficiency of automatic food production.

3.3 Supervision of faulty modules for food equipment
The module of the equipment is the basic part of a mechanical device, and the quality of each part directly affects the operation of the equipment. In the process of equipment management, it is necessary to pay attention to the supervision of equipment fault modules, and to understand the performance, functions and prone to faults of each equipment module, laying a good foundation for equipment maintenance. When a device module fails, you should first grasp the key problems that cause the device failure, and then check each device module to find out the cause of the problem with the component module and effectively repair the module failure. For example, the maintenance personnel know that the equipment for producing food has failed, and the first time rushed to the scene for testing, and after finding the crux of the equipment failure, the maintenance plan was given. After that, we worked with other staff in the maintenance center to complete the maintenance of the equipment and put the equipment into the food production.

3.4 Formulate management measures for food equipment
The operation of large-scale food equipment is inseparable from effective management measures. In the management process, special plans should be made to implement standardized management of equipment in a scientific management manner to improve the effectiveness of large-scale food equipment management. For example, in order to ensure the good operation of food equipment, business managers have arranged for maintenance personnel to develop a special measure for equipment management, which includes improving the skills training of maintenance personnel, regularly curing equipment, and tracking the operation of equipment. Supervise equipment modules. And put this measure on the head of every maintenance person. In addition, you can also use the TPM management method. That is to say, the concept of full efficiency, system-wide and full participation is implemented, and the automation production equipment of large food enterprises is managed. 1 should change the situation at the production site. 2 Actively guide employees to participate in the optimization work. 3 Based on the principle of gradual and orderly, we will put forward higher goals for employees and enable employees to effectively manage equipment. Companies can establish TPM promotion agencies and overall guidelines and plans to achieve good equipment management and to reflect the operational value of food companies.

The good operation of equipment is a prerequisite for food enterprises to produce, and the use cycle of equipment has a direct impact on the production quality and production efficiency of large foods. In order to ensure the effective operation of the equipment, the enterprise management personnel should work hard on the maintenance skills of the maintenance personnel, the standardized management of the equipment maintenance, the regular maintenance of the equipment and the equipment maintenance, and improve the maintenance level of the maintenance personnel. In order to improve the service life of the equipment, the equipment can be kept running smoothly and the production efficiency of large foods can be improved.